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London Ontario
Joanne Merner


Registration Fee & Criteria

Book Registration Fee is $99.00 which includes:


- A professional dog photography session with Joanne of "Your Dog’s Photographer".


- A full spread (two pages) featuring your dog and the amazing story of their life with you.


- 100% of the profit from this project is donated back to “Happy’s Place”.




- Your dog must be available for a photo session by our photographer Joanne.


- Your dog must be a rescue dog who is now seven years or older.

- You must be able to travel to the London area for the photography session.

- The registration fee does not cover the purchase of the book, any artwork, or copies of the digital files from the session.

- Purchasing artwork from your pet's session can be arranged through Joanne at "Your Dog's Photographer". The purchase of artwork is separate from the book project.

- Photo sessions will start at the beginning of June and run through to September 2021.

- We will discuss the locations for your dog's photo session when we call to confirm the date and time.

- Photos can either be done in an outdoor setting or inside, in a studio setting.


Q & A


Q - I have a rescue dog who is four - can I register him for the book?

A - Unfortunately, our criteria is for rescued dogs who are now seniors - seven years or older.

Q - I have a senior dog I rescued but he has passed away - can I submit a photo of him?

A - We are so very sorry for your loss. Because this is photography book, we will be photographing all the dogs who are in the book. Please
keep following our posts as we may have something in the works for this type of situation.

Q - I have a beautiful senior dog who you are welcome to photograph for the book.

A- Thank you for your kind offer, but this is a fundraising book that requires people to pay the registration fee for their dog to be in the book.
All profits from this book are donated directly to Happy's Place.

Q - I love this project! I no longer have a dog, but could I sponsor someone who can't afford to put their senior dog in the book?

A - What a lovely idea - yes you can absolutely do this. We will also be looking for book sponsors if that might be of interest to you?

Q - Will I get a copy of the book with my registration fee?

A - No, the registration fee covers the photo session and your dog's photo being in the book along with their story - books will be available for sale and participants can purchase the first copies!

Q - Will I receive images or the jpegs from the photoshoot?

A - You will have the opportunity to order artwork should you choose to set up an ordering appointment - this is outside of the book project. As a thank you for your participation, you will be gifted an artwork credit to be used at your ordering appointment (with a minus purchase required - this is not redeemable for cash).


Q - When will the book be published?
A - We are targeting December.

Q - Are registration fees refundable?
A - Once the registration fee has been made it's not refundable.

Q - I would love my dog to be in the book but they are very fragile.

A - if you are concerned about their health, let's make arrangements to have the photo session as soon as possible. We can do a studio shoot - or if this will be too stressful for your dog the photos can be done in your home. All covid safety protocols will be followed.

Q - My pet doesn't always listen or follow commands - is this a problem?

A - Please don't worry, we've worked with all types of pets and always manage to get awesome photos - we have a few tricks up our sleeves!

Q - My dog can't be off leash - is this a problem?

A - Again, not a problem - we can remove the leash in photoshop. We do however ask that you bring a collar with you if your dog normally wears a harness. Collars are easy to remove - a harness is more of a challenge. The majority of dogs we photograph are on leash!

Q - What if the weather is bad on the day of our outdoor photoshoot?

A - We will contact you the morning of our session and make arrangements for another day.

Q - Can I be in some of the photos with my dog?

A - Yes, you are welcome to have some photos done with your dog; however, your dog will be the main focus of our session for the book project.

Q - Do I get to pick the photo that will be used in the book?

A - No, we will choose the photos that are to be used in the book. If you wish to see some of the photos taken, please indicate this on your registration form.

Please Note: All images taken of your dog may be used in social media, advertising other events and/or photo contests. They may also be

posted on Facebook and Happy's Place website or my website in any capacity.

Register Below!