Personal Reflections

After talking to one of the people whose dog was in our book “Find Your Happy” about how much fun we had, I reflected on our chat and thought about how perfect pet photography is for me.

In the last 11 years, since I started my dog walking business, Your Dog’s Coach, dogs have been the main focus of my life. I’ve always been a dog lover and have become more and more intrigued by them the longer I work with them; I’ve gone from being a woman who loves dogs to a woman who LOVES dogs.

I’m also a people person. Being a Human Resource Manager for over 20 years allowed me to work with incredible people in many different situations.

Photography is a passion; I love every aspect of it, from taking photos to the behind the scenes processing of the files in lightroom and photoshop.

I’m very goal-oriented, and my photography goal, what I continually strive to achieve, is to capture the true essence of people’s pets and create images that touch their hearts and bring them joy.

It becomes the recipe for my perfect career when you toss it all together!