London Ontario


Big Splash Session


This session is typically for someone looking for a variety of artwork.


It might be wall art, portfolio boxes or albums.

These sessions can take place in the studio or on location or both.

Session can be up to 2 hours.

You and your family can also be included, but the main focus will be

on photos of your dog.

Can take place at multiple locations within London
(other locations can be discussed).

30 - 35 photos to chose your artwork from.

No limits on laughs and fun!

Artwork is sold separately (typical spend is $500 - $2,500).




Puptastic Session

This session is for those of you bringing home new puppies - it's a two part photo session! The first session is done as soon as possible after you bring home your new pup - the second session is when they turn a year old.

These sessions can take place in the studio or on location or both!

Each session will be an hour or longer - whatever we need!
These sessions are so much fun!

Artwork is sold Separately (typical spend is $500 - $2,500).



Legacy Sessions



This session is for your senior dogs who are twelve or older (or any dog facing an end of life illness).


These sessions are designed to celebrate your dog in all their beauty, lumps, bumps, warts and all. I have such a special place in my heart for senior dogs.


As a senior dog specialist, I am experienced in dealing with the challenges of dogs with loss of hearing, eyesight or both. It is beyond rewarding to provide my clients with artwork they'll treasure forever.


During the session, we focus on the now and share in the beautiful celebration of your dog. We will laugh and have fun, we may also cry; most likely we'll do both.


If there is an urgency for this session - please let me know, as it will be a priority, and we'll get it scheduled right away.


Artwork sold separately (typical spend is $500 - $2,500).