London Ontario


I understand the deep love people have for their pets, and my goal is to provide you with beautiful images of your pet to cherish for years to come.

These days we tend to keep our photos on our computers, jump drives or programs like Facebook. Computers can become compromised, jump drives lost, and who knows how long Facebook will be around.

Physical artwork offers a tangible connection to our memories and emotions! Holding a photograph or admiring a piece of artwork of your pet can evoke strong emotions and bring back cherished memories of our best little buddies in a way that digital files can't always replicate.


I have a picture of my old boy Monty in my entranceway. He's been gone for several years now, but every day I give him a little boop on the nose and tell him I love him.


This photo pretty much sums up who I am. Half of me is an out-doors, don't care if I get dirty, roll around in the grass with the dogs (or in this case pigs), type of gal. The other half of me is a tad nerdy.


I love technology and spend many hours on my computer processing photos and learning new programs!


But there is nothing I enjoy more that spending a few hours with people and their dogs - the laughter and joy we share is just the best. It's impossible to hang around with dogs and not have a great time!


For many years, I've volunteered my photography skills to animal rescue groups. Some of the groups I support are Happy's Retirement Home for Senior Dogs, Ralphys Retreat, a Sanctuary for Pot-Bellied Pigs and Farm Animals, Wienerfest Home County Festival which supports Tiny Paws Dog Rescue.
Capturing Love - Creating Art