Joanne Merner Your Dog's Photographer

About Joanne

These photos pretty much sum up who I am.  I always wanted to be sophisticated and elegant – but it’s just not who I am – I’m an outdoorsy, don’t care if I get dirty, roll around in the grass with the dogs type of gal.

As a kid I was either outside exploring nature or inside reading Farley Mowat, Doctor Dolittle or any books that had anything to do with animals or nature. While my friends were reading about fashion or movie stars I was buried deep in my “Young Naturalist” magazine.  I haven’t changed much – while I no longer build forts in the forest, spending the day in the woods with my camera is still one of my favorite things to do.

I come from a very artistic family, but the ability to draw and paint skipped over me.  It wasn’t until I became interested in photography that I really found a way to tap into my creativity.  Since so much of my life is spent with dogs and cats it was a natural choice for me to set my sights on becoming a pet photographer.  My experience, patience and sense of humor really come into play when I’m working with the animals – I love them and they respond to me in a positive manner (my husband Darryl tells me that they just love me because I smell like a giant liver treat).

When I started my Dog Walking/Pet Sitting business, Your Dog’s Coach, I always had it in the back of my mind that I’d one day offer photography services as well.   It’s very exciting to now be offering photography sessions along with our other services.

I’m very happy to be able to volunteer my photography skills to animal rescue organizations such as Ralphy’s Retreat: Sanctuary for Pot Bellied Pigs and Farm Animals (many of my photos are featured in their fund-raising calendars), Wienerfest Home County Festival which is Canada’s largest breed specific event – focused on Dachshunds, and ARF, Ontario – Animal Rescue Foundation of Ontario – who work with local First Nations areas and rural communities to help find permanent loving homes for unwanted strays.

I’m also a London Region Canid Team Representative with Coyote Watch Canada, a Federally Incorporated, not-for-profit community based wildlife organization, helping me to balance out my need to help both domestic and wild animals.

In my spare time I love to run, hike and kayak and get lost in the woods with my camera!

I live in London, Ontario with my husband Darryl and we have two grown daughters.