London Ontario



I'm so pleased you are considering purchasing artwork starring your dog or dogs!


This process may differ from other photo sessions you've had where you pay a set price and, in return, are sent a specified number of digital files.


At the end of our time together, you'll purchase a beautiful piece of art to hang on your walls, a gorgeous album for your coffee table, or another form of artwork. I believe that there is no art more beautiful than your pet! (I say dog a lot because most of my clients are dog owners, but I am thrilled to photograph any pet you love, from a bunny rabbit to a jumping spider!)


It all starts with a great conversation. I want to get to know you and learn about your dog, as this will be their day! Do you want a beach setting, an urban setting, a photo shoot in the woods and meadows or a mix of them all? These are some of the things we'll chat about.


It's also important to know what type of artwork you'll be looking for. We will do a price review at that time of the various products so there are no surprises!



Our Photoshoot




The photo shoot is the best part - at least for me. I can't wait, we'll have so much fun! I'll bring treats (for the dog - not us, haha); typically, I bring liver treats, but if your dog has a preference, please let me know.




No worries about your dog not being able to be off leash - the majority of the dogs I photograph are on a leash - with the leashes being removed during the processing of your photos afterwards.




While I'm not a family photographer, if you want to hop in on a couple of shots, not a problem, but our main focus will be your dog.

Reveal & Ordering Session

The photo reveal... I might be wrong in what I said before! The reveal might be the best part! After spending a couple of hours together, we know each other pretty well, and it's time to laugh about some of the funny things that happened during the photo shoot; we sometimes shed a few shared tears looking at the images of your beloved pet too.


Together we'll figure out what images you want for your artwork, whether a single canvas print or photos for an album.


When you've picked your favourites, I'll polish up those final images and place your order which will take several weeks to come in.


Your Artwork Delivery


I'll notify you as soon as your artwork arrives. I'll deliver your art to you and ensure that you are thrilled with the results.

If you need any assistance hanging multiple pieces up, I'll be happy to arrange for a professional to assist us!