London, Ontario


This should be fun! Hop on over to Pawsitively Happy Homes at 297 Springbank Drive for a fun doggy portrait! The photos will not be exactly like the one above. They are going to be more of a portrait with the dog looking forward with the ears and tie on.


Your session is 15 minutes. It's a straightforward set, just a backdrop and a platform to elevate our participants! We are looking at trying to get bunny ears on the dogs - the bowties will be the easy part! We will have treats on-site for them, but if they are on a special diet, please bring their kibble/treats to reward them after their photo session.


We'll also offer up mini "pup cones" (whipping cream and mini icecream cones) to thank them for their stellar performance! Please be sure this is something your dog can eat without causing digestive issues for them. It is 100% whipping cream from a can sprayed into a mini icecream cone. We'll ask you in advance of offering them one!


Requirements of your dog: they will need a fairly good sit and stay. They can be leased and I'll remove the leash in post production. I will have an assistant with me to help with the dogs as well. There will only be one dog in the studio area at a time (unless you are bringing another dog with you which is fine), and we'll have a few minutes for them to relax if they are nervous. If your dog is really anxious, please give me a shout at 519-494-4858 - we'll chat about it, and we can book them in at the end and allow for some additional time at no additional charge. I don't want you and your dog to miss out just because they might need some extra time! It's so endearing so see how happy they are when we cheer because we got the shots we were looking for!

Any questions at all about the process, please shoot me an email or give me a shout at the number above.

Bunny Ears and Bowties